Best Point of Sale software in kampala

Best Point of Sale system in Kampala, Uganda

EzyPOS is the Best Point of Sale system in Kampala, Uganda with a very good client base. It’s a system that is suitable for supermarkets, restaurants and bars, hardware stores, boutiques, retail shops etc.

EzyPOS was developed after we (CIRT) discovered that there was a high demand for retail & wholesale management systems for supermarkets, restaurants, hardware stores, retail shops etc. It came to our notice that most of the systems that were available at the time were not locally developed and this gave the users a very hard time since support was unreliable and charged per hour basis hence very expensive.

The launch of this great product revolutionalized everything and giving the following advantages to the users i.e

  1. Reliability

    We assure that our system is reliable and it’s always functioning. We give you a 99.9% assurance for this particular keynote.

  2. We know our target market -so the software is custom developed for the local market

    We can`t emphasize this so much. Before we developed this product (EzyPOS), we first made some research to know what our clients needed and with is research we incorporated every feature that any business needs for a smooth serving of customers and record keeping. With this, we can assure you that we listened and delivered according to the clients’ needs.

  3. It`s for a client to ask for any feature update that they may need to use.

    Who says you will be stuck with the software that is not updated, we always ensure that our product is up to date with the current market trends. Also, there comes a time when you need a certain feature to be added to the system and with EzyPOS that is very possible. All you have to do is pick up that phone and give us a call or send us an email.

  4. Direct contact and easy communication

    It is now very easy for clients to contact the system providers since support is not through a third party. This is so important because no system can be 100% functional at all times. Systems break down at any time due to various reasons like a hardware malfunction, computer crash etc                  When any of the above happens, immediate help is needed since every second is very important in any business. With our team of experienced and reliable personnel, you are always sure you will get the help you need at any time.


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    • Customer Care
      Customer Care says:

      We have various packages for the software and at different prices. The first package – Economy costs 1,100,000 UGX with a limit of 500 items, the second one Starter (3,200 items Limit), Deluxe (5,000 items Limit) , PRO (Unlimited Items) . please give us a call on 0772558638 for more details


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